Update V2.11.0 | Main Character Evolution!

18:19 10-02-2017

Version: V2.11.0

Update time: 2017/02/08 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

                    2017/02/09 (All Other Servers)

 New Features:

1. New System: Main Character Evolution. Heroes have already received the power of evolution and now your main character will no longer be left behind!

2. New Mount: Vermilion Hawk (Mythic)

3. New Costume: Amour (Mythic)

4. New Pet: Mystic Fox (Mythic)



1. Mount Codex: Added Lunar Lion and Vermilion Hawk to the Mount Codex. Storage limit of unclaimed Codex Essence is raised to 500
2.Team Arena: Teams will no longer be disbanded after a battle if players used “Team Queue”.

Bug Fixes:

1. Challenger's Road: Fixed a bug that caused players to not get promoted to Master 9 after clearing Master 8.

2. Eternal War: Fixed an error display with the remaining time in certain situations that also prevented players from claiming daily rewards.

3. Tycoon: Fixed a bug with the “Yesterday’s Ranking” on the last day of the event.

4. Soul Arms: Fixed a bug where players were unable to see all Soul Arm skills when switching them if they owned a certain number of Soul Arms. 

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