Dungeon Sweeper--- Seek for Elemental Runestone Resources

10:58 03-03-2017

【Dungeon Sweeper--- Seek for Elemental Runestone Resources】

The new game mode, Dungeon Sweeper, is the main way to get resources for Elemental Runestones. Each player has one free chance to challenge Dungeon Sweeper. Players can challenge solo or form a team with cross-server friends to explore a new Dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and treasures.


All 3 switches in the dungeon must be closed in order to attack the Boss. The team of 3 must work together to get through the stage as fast as possible while earning the most points. Players will get a rating after clearing a stage, based on team's total Points earned and stage clear time. Earn points by killing monsters, bribing monsters, and buying items from the Goblin Merchant. Players can get Wicked Ore, Gold, and other random items after each Dungeon battle. Wicked Ore can be used to exchange for many items from Merchant.More Elemental Runestone system info will be released in game. Stay tuned!

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