Update V2.25.0 | New Feature: Growth Goal and New Pet Celestial Dolphin!

10:21 18-05-2017

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V2.25.0
Update time: 
2017/05/17 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/05/18 (All Other Servers)

Upcoming Events:

The Eternal War will be held on 20th May, do not miss it!

New Features:

1. New Feature: Growth Goal (can be found in Quests)

2. New Pet: Celestial Dolphin


1. Artifact Relics can now be socketed with 8 Runes.
2. Rating System added to Divine Wheel and Card Master
3. X-server War: Optimized matching system for lower levels (lv.60 to lv.90). 
4. Hero Animate: 1-click available now
5. Palace Dungeon icon added in the main screen.

6. The price of Luxury Epic Armament Pack now is 800 Diamonds.

Bug Fixes:

1. Christmas clothing: Fixed a bug where Giftstorm cannot be dodged
2. Challenger’s Road: Fixed a bug where Pet Awaken Crystal cannot be purchased after clearing Challenger’s Road.
3. Wind Runestone: Fixed a bug where Zephyr did not reduce rage.
4. Arena: Fixed a bug causing BR to show 1.7 Billion during battle while actual BR is over 2.1 Billion

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