League of Angels II - The Desire That Changed Sapphire

16:10 29-12-2016

League grounds for elite heroes! A brand new Angel has appeared to lead the heroes to their destiny. After many clues were dropped, the true identity of this Angel has been finally revealed! She is Dora, the Angel of Desire! Learn more about Dora and how she shaped the history of Sapphire.

At the center of the Expansion, this Angel princess comes from a great lineage and has been blessed with incredible power. While this is her first appearance in LoA2, Dora has played a key role in all the major events of Sapphire up until now. She was directly involved in the release of the Prime Evils, and is now leading the heroes of Sapphire on a trial into the Eternal War of the Elementals. But what is her ultimate goal?

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