Hero Introduction: Huxley - League of Angels Ⅱ

16:59 29-12-2016

Huxley was once the best Human fighter, if not for him, Humans would have been wiped out before the Angels could have saved them.

In his later years, Huxley made a grave mistake. He approved Loki's Daemon Project. During the explosion caused by the project, Huxley was turned into a slow moving giant.  Repenting for his mistake, he chained himself to“Star Fall”and guards the gateway to the shattered dimension forever.


[Heavenly Guide] Deploy with Fortuna to gain 12% HP
[Dauntless] Deploy with Victoria to gain 12% ATK
[Warrior Song] Deploy with Moira to gain 10% HP
[Defender's Path] Deploy with Pan to gain 12% ATK


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